How do I register as part of a Group?

You’ll need to talk to your Group Leader (a Youth Pastor or someone organising your group).

If your Group Leader has organised a group registration with us, they will have a unique Access Code that you can use to ‘unlock’ your group registration option.

If they haven’t organised this with us, point your Group Leader to this FAQ: How do we organise a group payment for our Youth Group?

Do I need to pay when registering as part of a group?

No, you’ll be able to register without paying. Your payment will be organised by your Group Leader.

How to unlock your Group registration option

Once your Group Leader has given you the unique Access Code, you can enter it in the box at the top of the registration page:

This will ‘unlock’ your Group registration option:


For privacy and security reasons, only Parents or Legal Guardians can register attendees under the age of 18.

If you are the group leader, you cannot “bulk” register your group. You need to share your Access Code with your group members, so that their Parents/Guardians can register them.

Select the Quantity:

Hit “Continue”: