Core Values


TeenStreet Australia want Jesus to make a lasting impact in the lives of teenagers. This means helping teens to understand and come to their own decisions rather than telling them what they must do. Small groups and personal study are an essential part of helping teens to apply Biblical teaching to their own lives, and are the heart and soul of TeenStreet.


TeenStreet Australia want teens to have an authentic relationship with God and healthy relationships with other people. We aim to love God and love each other at TeenStreet. TeenStreet provides opportunities for teens to develop their friendship with Jesus, their relationship with other teens and their relationships with trusted adults.


TeenStreet Australia want to raise up a generation of people who trust God to use them now, not just in some ‘remote’ future, to serve God in different ways using their unique God given gifts and passions. This is about doing things together for God and a hurting world.