TeenStreet Victoria is coming!

Sept 20-22

TeenStreet is a discipleship event for Christian teens that will challenge you to live fully alive in your faith. You’ll be discipled through Biblical truth, inspired into missional action and make life-long connections.

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Tues 20 - Thurs 22 September

Kilsyth South Baptist Church
382 - 388 Liverpool Road, Kilsyth South


5pm - 9pm

Dinner provided
Leaders arrive at 1pm for lunch and training


8:40am - 9pm

Lunch & Dinner provided


“You have changed my life and now I’m ready to help change other lives!”

“I came as an atheist, but leave as a follower of Jesus!”

“So incredible. Life changing.”

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"You have changed my life, and now I'm ready to help change other lives!"


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Inspired. Equipped. Connected.

We are a global movement of young Jesus followers
who know Jesus and are equipped to share His love with the world.

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