Can I use a voucher to pay for a Payment Plan?

Yes, but ONLY for the first initial payment.

Vouchers can only be used once, so you can’t use it again to make a follow up payment.

If you have a TeenStreet Voucher and want to pay your registration with a Payment Plan, select an initial amount that is equal or higher than your voucher amount.

If you select an amount that is lower than your voucher amount, when you enter your code at checkout, you won’t receive the full value of your voucher!

For example:

  • You have a $200 voucher
  • You select a Payment Plan and an initial amount of $100
  • At the checkout you enter your voucher code, which reduces your payment amount to $0 ($100 – $200 = $0)  
  • Your $200 voucher has only saved you $100