Our TEENSTREET 2024 theme is REVEALED, and pivotal to our journey together is the question that Jesus asks His disciples: WHO DO YOU SAY I AM? How we answer this can determine both the measure of significance we give Jesus and the level of access we give Him to our lives.

If Jesus was with you right now, and He asked the same question of you…what would you say? This may be confronting for some of us because we simply do not know. To help us to answer this question, if in fact Jesus ever does ask it of us, these SHINE THE LIGHT sections will focus each day on characteristics or titles of Jesus and in doing so our prayer is that Jesus is REVEALED and you are equipped with an answer when asked: WHO DO YOU SAY JESUS IS?


Jesus never looked away from people. When people were brought to Him, each with their own reality of challenge, burden or suffering, Jesus always looked on them and had compassion (Matthew 9:36). Whenever people were nearby, Jesus understood their real needs and responded to address them. For some, physical healing was necessary – like our blind man in Mark 8 – for others, the root of their ailment was spiritual. But in all cases, Jesus took the time to actually notice that people were hurting…Jesus is compassionate.

To get a greater handle on the compassion of Jesus, click on the link below and work your way through the content on offer there by the Bible Society (watch video and consider the questions). While the clip pulls from where Exodus 34:6 speaks about the characteristics of God, it is important for us to always remember, that Jesus IS God (Matthew 1:23; John 10:30; Colossians 1:15), so characteristics that are known about God, are also found in Jesus…and vice versa.


When the blind man encountered Jesus that day, he had to weigh up for himself, is this guy trustworthy? As a blind person, he was vulnerable to being deceived and exploited because of his vision impairment, but perhaps because of what he had already heard about Jesus, or the eagerness of the people with him to get him to Jesus, at some point, the blind man answered YES to that question – Jesus is trustworthy. Jesus was trustworthy in leading the man safely out of the village and He was trustworthy even when the healing didn’t happen immediately – the blind man trusted the process and believed that Jesus would complete the healing.

To us humans, trust is a significant factor in considering who we want to connect with and how much access we give people to our lives. If a person is irresponsible, mean or aggressive, odds are we aren’t going to give them ‘LEVEL 10’ access to our lives – to do so has the potential of pain. So, when getting to know who Jesus is, one of the first things we as humans do is ask: Can He be trusted?

This question is important, and a good place to start in getting an answer is to actually look at what Jesus did while He was on earth.

YouVersion Bible App has a 14 reading plan on offer entitled: Jesus: Trusting Jesus First, Only, Now and Always (see link below). If you want to know more about Jesus and determine for yourself, as the blind man did, that He is in fact trustworthy, we encourage you to journey the 14 day reading plan (to do so, just follow the prompts on the App).

If you have determined for yourself that Jesus is absolutely trustworthy, can we encourage you to watch the below – Oceans: Where Feet May Fail, and just sit in the lyrics for a bit, particularly where is says in the Chorus:

“Spirit lead me where my trust is without border”.