In Matthew 5-7, Jesus takes some considered time to REVEAL all the wonder and blessing of His KINGDOM through what is known as the SERMON ON THE MOUNT. The central idea is that the KINGDOM OF GOD is unlike anything this world has ever seen – the KINGDOM REVEALED throughout Jesus’ sermon is so radically different and utterly amazing. The upside-down imagery is intended to convey the way the KINGDOM OF GOD challenges the prevailing social order – how the values of the KINGDOM stand in opposition to the values of the world.

Within Jesus’ sermon there is this portion entitled: THE BEATITUDES where it is evident that Jesus is turning things right way up.

READ Matthew 5:1-12 and consider the following questions:

  • Which of the BEATITUDES do you struggle with the most? Why?
  • How can we show mercy to those who have wronged us?
  • In what ways can we promote peace in our relationships with others?
  • How can we strive for purity in our thoughts and actions?
  • How can we prepare ourselves for the persecution that may come with following Jesus?

Once again, our friends at the YouVersion Bible App have offered a Bible plan that intentionally looks at elements of the UPSIDE-DOWN KINGDOM pulling from Jesus’ teaching from the SERMON ON THE MOUNT.

We encourage you to hit the link below and walk through this 7 day plan and see what God wants to REVEAL further to you about His KINGDOM.