TeenStreet VIC

Option 1

Start a New Rego

If you did not attend TeenStreet VIC 2022, you’ll need to start a new registration.

Option 2

Pre-fill Your Rego

If you attended TeenStreet VIC 2022, we can transfer all the info you entered in 2022 to this year’s registration form, so that you don’t have to enter it all over again!

This is a 2 step process

Step 1 - Start Registration

  1. Below, enter the email you used to pay for TeenStreet VIC 2022.
  2. You’ll receive an email with links for each attendee you registered last year.
  3. Click on the link in the email and select a registration option. 
  4. Pay for your registration

To receive the multiple TEEN discount, DO NOT pay for your teens individually!

Register and pay for them together by adding each to the registration cart. Click on the first link, choose a registration option, then return to the email and click on the next link to add the next attendee to the cart.

Step 2 - Complete Registration

  1. After you’ve paid the registration fee, you’ll get another email with a link to your pre-filled registration form.
  2. Complete your rego by answering a few new questions and adding optional extras (like the new TS Merch!).

    Pre-filling FAQS

    Can I pay for a pre-filled registration together with a new registration?

    No, unfortunately you can’t add both a pre-filled registration and a new registration to the checkout at the same time.

    This means if you want to register a returning attendee together with a new attendee (who wasn’t at TeenStreet VIC 2022), you’ll have to start a new registration for both. This ensures families receive the Teen sibling discount.

    Which email address do I use to request a pre-filled registration?

    You must enter the email address that was used during the checkout stage of your registration in 2022.

    Can multiple attendee forms be pre-filled and paid all at once?

    Yes! If you registered and paid for multiple attendees in 2022, you’ll receive an email with pre-filled links for each attendee.

    When you click on each link and select a registration option, they will be added to your cart and you’ll be able to pay for all attendees in your cart during checkout.