Want to help a Teen or Leader attend TeenStreet?

You can contribute towards their registration fee by purchasing a TeenStreet Voucher that can be redeemed when they register.

  1. Choose a voucher amount, quantity and enter the recipient name/s.
  2. After you’ve paid, the voucher/s will be sent to your email.
  3. Either forward the voucher on to the recipient, or print it out and give it to them personally!
  4. When the recipient registers for TeenStreet, they enter the unique voucher code during checkout, which will reduce the registration fee by the voucher amount. 

Yes, but ONLY for the first initial payment.

If the recipient wants to register with a Payment Plan option, the first initial amount must be equal or higher than the voucher amount. Otherwise, they won’t receive the full value of the voucher!

Read more about Vouchers & Payment Plans

TeenStreet Voucher