TeenStreet Hubs

TeenStreet is OM’s Youth Movement that challenges Christian teens to live fully alive in their faith. We want to inspire and equip a generation to radically follow Jesus and make him known in their world.

From Sunday 3 to Friday 8 July, teens will be discipled through Biblical truth and moved into missional action, all while making life-long connections.

What is

a TeenStreet Hub?

TeenSteet Hub is a church that hosts TeenStreet in their venue and invites their youth and young adult leaders to participate.

It’s led by a local director and supported by the TS team.



TeenStreet (that’s us) will provide the Main Session and Throne Room content. This can either be played live via our TeenStreet Online dashboard, or we’ll provide the videos for you to download and play when needed. We’ll also provide the NET Group study guide.

Hubs (that’s you) will provide the venue, the youth, the leaders and the snacks (or meals, if you want to go all in). How far you go is up to you!

You can think of it as TeenStreet hosted at your church.

  • Have meals together
  • Organise activities (e.g. sports, craft, games etc) for the teens to be enjoying during the Interact Times
  • Get the rest of the church involved through prayer and helping practically (e.g. preparing a meal)
  • You will need young adults to be leaders. In general, NET groups (small discussion groups) are best if they are 6 – 8 teens with 2 leaders.
  • Invite others along – whether its friends from another church or your friends who are not yet Christian.

We believe TeenStreet will be such a blessing to your church and community that we want to make it available to anyone, anywhere in Australia or around the world! Hence – TeenStreet Hubs.


All legal requirements for Child Safety are the responsibility of the Hub Venue and/or Co-Ordinator. This includes ensuring all leaders have a valid Working with Children Check.



Starting in 2010 with about 100 teens and leaders, TeenStreet quickly outgrew it’s venue in Warwick, QLD, as word of mouth spread of an epic week of fun and lives being powerfully impacted. Around 800 now pack out the UQ campus in Gatton for 5 days of Bible teaching, discussion groups, training, worship, quiet time, prayer, mission simulation and stacks of fun interaction. Always, Jesus is front and centre.

For many involved, TeenStreet is the highlight of the year. Countless testimonies have been shared of God using this ministry to transform lives and send passionate Jesus followers out into the world to share His love.




We want Jesus to make a lasting impact in the lives of teenagers. This means helping teens to understand and come to their own decisions rather than telling them what they must do.


We want teens to have an authentic relationship with God and healthy relationships with other people. We aim to love God and love each other at TeenStreet.


We want to raise up a generation of people who trust God to use them now, not just in some ‘remote’ future, to serve God in different ways using their unique God given gifts and passions.

A look back at

10 years of Impact...

“You have changed my life and now I’m ready to help change other lives!”

“One of the most amazing weeks of my life. Cannot recommend it enough for anyone who is a believer or contemplating the truth of the faith.”

“In one week, my entire outlook and focus in life changed in a way I didn’t even know it needed to.”

“It’s an amazing week centred on God in a way that’s engaging and relatable for teens, but impacts anyone who goes with an open heart.”