Who are TeenStreet Leaders?

TeenStreet Leaders are all adults aged 18 and over.

There are 4 main roles for Teenstreet Leaders:

  1. GAP – Recent school leavers aged 18+. Before launching into Coaching or Service Team at TS, this is a great first step! Plenty of leadership training and opportunities to serve practically 🙂
  2. Coach – Committed Christians with a passion and energy to lead, love and invest in a small group of teens (your NET Group).
  3. M&M – Mature Christians who support, mentor and encourage a group of Coaches.
  4. Service Team – Servant hearted people using their skills and passions to help make TeenStreet run smoothly!

If you’re unsure what role to choose when registering, select Service Team and provide some details about your interests. We’ll try our best to place you in the best role for you!