Why is it more expensive this year?

Yeah, we’re sorry for the jump in price.

Unfortunately, it seems everything is getting more expensive. In particular, the food and accomodation price we pay the venue has risen substantially.

But we also believe TeenStreet offers incredible value. On top of an action-packed 5 days, we are developing young leaders throughout the year and providing resources like our year-round bible study.

Registration Fees are already heavily reduced

We try our best to make TeenStreet affordable, because we don’t want anyone missing out on a potentially life-changing time!

In fact, the TeenStreet registration fee has always been heavily subsidised. Each year there is a significant gap between how much you pay and how much it costs us.

In 2023, it will cost us $670 per person to run TeenStreet.

We rely on the donations of amazing supporters to cover the gap! This is why we ask for an optional donation during registration.

Some options for your registration payment