Do I need a Working with Children Check to be a TeenStreet Leader?

Yes! You will need a QLD Blue Card or your State’s equivalent Working with Children Check (WWCC) to attend TeenStreet as a Leader.

We are committed to Child Safety and this is an important part of making sure we provide a safe environment for everyone.

You must have a current card to Register

To complete your registration for TeenStreet 2022, you will need a Blue Card/WWCC that expires after July 8.

Isn’t this different to previous years?

Yes, in previous years we have allowed Leaders to register while waiting for their application to be processed. However, this meant a lot of work for our team, chasing up outstanding details.

If you don’t have a Blue Card/WWCC or yours expires before July 8, 2022, you won’t be able to register until you do.

Please apply for a card, or renew your card, then return to register once you have a card that expires after July 8, 2022.

Where possible, please use the online portal option and do not download the paper form option. It reduces manual handling for our team by a lot!

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